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"The Blind Ambition Exhibition at the Witte Museum in San Antonio"

July 15th thru August 15th, 2001
Exhibition Photographs

'Museum Entrance'


Witte Museum Entrance     "The Art Exhibition at the Museum was both exhilirating and inspiring to me.  It was a dream come true!  This was my first Museum show, and I wish to thank the Witte Museum, galleries,  sponsors, guests and everyone who helped make this magical experience come to life." 

                                   Lisa Fittipaldi


Main Gallery
Main Gallery

Main Gallery - Left
Main Gallery - Left

Opening Reception at the Museum
Banquet Room - Opening Reception

Distinguished Guests
(From Left)  Bob Plunkett, Artist Lisa Fittipaldi,
Dr. Amy Freeman Lee

Lisa Addressing 800 Guests
Opening Reception

Main Gallery - Right
Main Gallery - Right


Discussing the Paintings
Discussing Art with Lisa

San Antonio Express News Article
Susan Hinger (from left), Amy Freeman Lee, featured artist Lisa Fittipaldi and Bob Plunkett turn out for an opening reception for Fittipaldi's paintings.    The San Antonio Lighthouse sponsored the reception for the 'Blind Ambition' art exhibit on display through July 15 at the Witte Museum.       S.A.Express News


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