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Mission Statement

To provide educational technology for low vision, visually impaired, 
hearing impaired and blind children who are mainstreamed into
 the educational
environment, for the purpose of assisting the 
children in achieving their full potential.

Founded by Lisa Fittipaldi, it is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax exempt corporation dedicated to providing adaptive technology.  This state of the art adaptive technology will assist millions of children to achieve their full potential.

Lisa Fittipaldi is always willing to speak to organizations on behalf of children.  She provides interviews, demonstrations, motivational talks and classes to help fund the many needs of these children.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of her paintings is donated to The Mind's Eye Foundation. 


As an adult we remember the joys and wonderment of discovery as well as the intensity of the disappointments of childhood. Visually impaired and blind children also experience these joys and pains. However, for thousands of b lind and visually impaired children, the ability to fully experience childhood is hampered by the lack of adaptive technology. These visually impaired and blind children are hindered by the emphasis placed on "What can you see?" or "How do you do that?" rather than the emphasis on "What can you do?" Through state of the art technology, the tapestry of choice for each blind and visually impaired child is no longer limited.


IDEAS - Identified

To provide technological assistance to children ages 5-16 who have been IDENTIFIED by a referring agency as visually impaired, hearing impaired or blind. 

IDEAS - Distribute

To DISTRIBUTE and support proven technology to blind, visually impaired and hearing impaired children 

IDEAS - Educational

To create an EDUCATIONAL clearing house in order to increase public awareness by providing information on referral services, resource agencies and support groups. 

IDEAS - Acquire

To ACQUIRE educational technology in order to meet the individual needs of the child. 

IDEAS - Support

To solicit contributions and financial SUPPORT to meet the needs of the children through the goals of The Mind's Eye Foundation. 

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or further information, please contact

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E-mail: info@blindartist.com
Direct contributions can be sent to
Wells Fargo Bank Texas, N.A. 
2415 Williams Drive
Georgetown, TX 78626

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